Stock Your Car With These Spring Essentials From Amazon Before Your Next Road Trip

Stock Your Car With These Spring Essentials From Amazon Before Your Next Road Trip
Feb 2023

Planning a fun road trip for spring break? From an electric blanket to first aid kits, our guide will make sure you're prepared for it all.

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We're ready to ring in the season of spring break. If you're using that free time to finally take that grand "road trip" adventure with your loved ones and create some unforgettable memories, you're going to want to be well prepared!

Before you hit the road, make sure you're ready for everything that comes your way with these must-have essentials from Amazon. From practical items like car emergency kits and first aid supplies to more comfort-centered finds like rechargeable hand warmers and twistable travel pillows, we've curated some of the best Amazon items for you to include on your packing list.

See below for the best Amazon finds to bring on your upcoming road trip this spring. Bon voyage!

Hotor Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets

Road trip vacations are meant to be filled with fun and relaxation, and that can be hard to do if your car space is messy and cluttered with snack wrappers, napkins and more. With this car trash can, which is waterproof and features a lid and and storage pockets, you won't have to worry about garbage ruining your road trip experience. Use the adjustable strap to hang it over a seat or place it on the floor.

Lamicall Car Headrest Mount

If you're traveling with kids, you'll definitely want to snag this headrest mount while it's on sale for just $16. One reviewer shares, "Kids are able to mount phones and Nintendo Switches up to these which makes for much quieter car rides. Charging cable in both cars reach these so I don't have to worry about units dying during the trip."

Stalwart Electric Car Blanket

This electric blanket is the perfect solution for them, especially since it's car adaptable and has a 96-inch-long cord that ensures even those in the backseat can stay warm and cozy, given all the cold weather we're still having. The blanket also folds easily so it can be stored away in the trunk or backseat without taking up too much space (and every bit of space counts when you're packing for a road trip)!

Thrive Car Emergency Kit with Jumper Cables + First Aid Kit

One of the most important rules of road tripping (other than to have fun) is to be prepared for emergencies, especially with the possibility that you might get stuck out on the road in the middle of nowhere. This emergency kit will make sure you're prepared for both car and first aid emergencies, giving you peace of mind no matter where you're headed.

Vetoos Roadside Emergency Car Kit

This is another roadside emergency kit that fits all the criteria for ensuring your safety while out on the road. It contains the most practical supplies, including jumper cables, a tow rope, tire pressure gage and multifunctional folding shovel, along with a 47-piece first aid set. The kit also includes an auto tool set that includes essential tools that you might need in case you need to repair your car in a pinch.

First Aid Only 298 All-Purpose First Aid Emergency Kit

Even if you're not road tripping, it's always a great idea to have a comprehensive first aid kit stored in your car. This 298-piece all-purpose first aid emergency kit is a stellar option, and it has over 67,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. It includes the essentials you might need in a variety of emergency first aid situations, such as antibiotic ointments, burn cream packets, aspirin and ibuprofen, wound closures and antiseptic towelettes.

Surviveware Comprehensive Premium First Aid Kit

This first aid kit is a registered FDA Medical Device and is another stellar option that will have you prepared to care for minor wounds, cuts, scrapes and burns. The kit itself is optimally designed for practicality, from labelled inner compartments to water resistant material and versatile straps. It also includes an emergency blanket and mini first aid kit that fits easily into your glove compartment or center console organizer.

Hot Logic Mini Portable Food Warmer

The fall and winter air might be cold, but that doesn't mean your food has to be. This mini portable oven and food warmer is car adaptable, allowing you to heat a frozen boxed meal or warm your favorite comfort food while driving. Just place your meal inside, plug it in and wait for cozy goodness. With this, you'll be able to bring a little piece of home with you on your next road trip, no matter how far you're traveling.

MekedeTech Cordless Tire Inflator

A flat tire can put an instant damper on even the best road trips, especially in cases where the closest auto shop isn't... close at all. With this rechargeable, portable tire inflator, you'll be able to ease your anxiety about getting a flat tire-- simply screw on the charging tube to the device, connect the other end to your car's air nozzle, adjust the settings and press start. Bonus: If you're going on a camping road trip where you'll be biking, this inflator also works on bicycle tires, too!

Gerber Gear 15-in-1 Multitool

Having a multi-purpose tool can get you out of sticky situations that you didn't even think to anticipate-- like all those times where having a bottle opener, screwdriver or even ruler would have made things sooo much easier. This 15-in-1 multitool is the ultimate multitasker, and the slim design allows for optimal accessibility, making it a perfect addition to your car's emergency kit.

Snow Moover 39

Winter and snow go hand in hand, and that's often a big part of what makes road trips in wintertime so great. What's not so great, though, is when snow and ice pile on to your car windshield, making it dangerous to drive around. This extendable snow brush is here to solve this dilemma, with thick bristles that easily brush off snow from your car and a detachable ice scraper that breaks through the ice surface without scratching your car. The brush has 3 pieces that can be separated for easy storage when not in use.

High Road CarHop Car Seat Organizer

The middle backseat is probably the most dreaded seat in the car, with the least amount of sitting and leg space. However, with this versatile car seat organizer and cooler, you can put that middle seat to good use. Featuring four pockets on each side, a flippable lid that can be used as a tray, a cupholder and an insulated cooler, this organizer is the perfect road trip companion. Plus, it has a removable shoulder strap for easy transport.

Foval 200W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Converter with 4 USB Ports Charger

In the age of technology, having an accessible charger in the car is definitely an essential thing to check off as you prepare for your next road trip. This car power converter features 2 U.S. sockets and 4 USB charging ports to ensure that everyone in the car can charge their device without having to argue over who has the lowest battery percentage. The charger also includes a quiet cooling fan to prevent overheating, a power switch and velcro straps for easy organization and storage.

Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Sure, you won't be able to bring your bed along with you on your road trip, but with this adjustable memory foam travel pillow, you can still get a good sleep in before you reach your destination. The twistable pillows are designed to contour to any shape and position you want, making it great to use for neck, head, back, shoulder or spine support.

Ocoopa Hand Warmers Rechargeable

Save your fingers and hands from the cold this winter with this rechargeable hand warmer that has 26,000+ 5-star reviews on Amazon. Featuring a sleek, compact design, the hand warmer heats up in seconds and fits comfortably into the palm of your hand. An unexpected bonus is that it can also be used as a power bank to charge your electronic devices!

Moodooy Disposable Emergency Urinal Bag

Listen, let's get real: When you got to go, you got to go. On long road trips where the next rest stop is at least 20 or 30 minutes away, every minute feels like an hour of pure misery. These individually packaged disposable emergency bags can be used for urine or vomit-- just open the bag, do what you have to to do and seal it up. The absorbent cotton cloth in the bag turns into an odorless anti-spill gel, and the sealing strip will ensure that there are no leaks or smells.

Mp Mozzpak Toilet Seat Covers Disposable

In the case that you're lucky enough to make it to the next rest stop, you run the risk of there not being toilet seat covers... and who knows how many people have sat on that toilet to do their business before you. These disposable toilet seat covers are an absolute lifesaver to have on hand to ensure that you can prioritize hygiene and comfort no matter where you go.

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